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My Awesome Nephew Deven on Haiti & Happiness
Keeping Up with the Hattabaughs

Thoughts from Deven Hattabaugh
Deven is 13 years old and an 8th grader. Deven was kind enough to share with us his experiences from the summer spent in Haiti.

Here it is and we are coming up on Christmas time. It makes me think back to my trip over the summer to Haiti.
While I was in Haiti, I met all these beautiful happy people who had next to nothing. Driving by their houses, I noticed that their entire house was smaller than my bedroom! All these people were so happy about life. It's so weird because I look around here at home and all I see are people who are angry, mad, or unhappy. Why are we all so unhappy when we have everything we could want at our finger tips?

My family spent 3 weeks in Haiti this past summer. The first week, the youth group from our church was there. We had a VBS with the local children and teens. The day of the teen VBS, after some singing and learning, it was play time. A bunch of girls from our group and Haitians were dancing in a circle and one person was in the center at a time. I was standing on the edge of the group watching them when one of the girls pointed at me to go in the center. Of course I jumped right in and started dancing my crazy dance. I don't think I have ever heard so many girls laugh so hard. It was one of those moments that was just so funny and a great time just being a teen.

On that day, I also met a little boy named Jinn. He was 5 years old and could speak a little bit of English. I originally thought he was about 2 years old because he was so small and adorable. We became good friends. I would see him at church and he would come sit with me. He lives right by our guest house in Haiti. 

The last day before we came home was one of the best days I had in Haiti. Dis, one of the workers, and his family came to the house to get a water filtration system. We had a football and a couple Frisbees at the house. My sister, Katy Deenihan (another teen staying with us) and I started playing with the kids. A few of the neighborhood kids came in the yard and also started playing. I had so much fun running around with all the kids. It's pretty crazy that even though we couldn't communicate with language, we were able to play and just have a great time being kids.

Later we were all sitting around and Velix [NLH field worker and very good friend] was helping us translate to the other kids. It was so crazy because I was younger than a few of the boys that I thought were about only eight. If you knew me, you would know I am a big kid. The Haitian kids couldn't believe that I was younger than them. They thought I was 16-18 years old, and I had just turned 13!

I am so thankful for the time I got to spend in Haiti. It has really opened my eyes to the world outside my little bubble. And it has really made me appreciate what I have, and made me want to help more.

From my family to yours, have a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. And as we go through the stressful holiday season, just remember that happiness is a choice. If my friends, the ones you help support in Haiti with next to nothing can be happy, why can't we?

We encourage you to become monthly partners with Chris and Rachel, which will allow them to make New Life for Haiti even more fruitful in changing lives among the poor.

You can contact Chris at Chris.Hattabaugh

Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Keep Looking Up

Keep Looking Up by Malibu Ninja by malibuninja on deviantART
The gift that I am metaphorically illustrating is confidence in your own abilities, belief in self and faith to persevere and keep trying. This is the gift I would like to give my son, the brightest star in my sky.

Jamison, if at first you don't succeed... Tye, Tye Again!!!!! (Shoes, that is) I love you more than all the fish in the sea, all the people on land and all the stars in the Sky and all the way to the moon and back too!

This original digital art was created on my Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1" Tablet (2013 Edition) using Photoshop Touch, Autodesk Sketchbook Pro and PicsArt!

Little Ninja Jamison custom painted backpack

Jamison Custom Backpack by malibuninja on deviantART

Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Often Offensive, Never Offended, Except for now!

I am not easily displeased by anything or anyone I am exposed to in my life.  Almost nothing I see or hear shocks me.  I am mostly unflappable unless you are speaking poorly about those I love, of course.

In fact, I am almost never offended by what other people say or do because it has no affect on me.  I usually have a difficult time understanding why people around me get offended so easily by silly actions or meaningless thoughts voiced out loud.  Most things that others find insulting, I find amusing or downright hilarious!

In addition to my inability to become insulted by others, I have a talent for repulsing people by what I say, do or sometimes just by what my shirt says on it.  I often offend or irritate people unintentionally, apparently I have a sick sense of humor.  Random people seem to love to eavesdrop on my conversations therefore overhearing me say something displeasing to them.   Rarely do they hear the full conversation or grasp the context of what was said but that doesn't stop them from passing judgement on me.

However, today I found myself to be outraged by this reprehensible suggestion posted on  I am actually embarrassed to belong to the same gender as the kind of people who would pull this prank.  I do want to apologize (on behalf of all women) to any men who have been though this kind of torture.


I am not even sure how I wound up on that particular site.  Although, a "funniest April Fools Day prank slide show" seemed like a good way to waste a few minutes and kill a few brain cells out of sheer stupidity.

Any "woman" who even thinks about performing this "prank" pregnancy should be forcibly sterilized! And then committed to the nearest psych ward for a full mental evaluation.  Or even worse than a prank, when a woman fakes a pregnancy then later fakes a miscarriage.  I have no respect for these women, in fact I have nothing but complete and utter disgust for them.

That is all,  that's my two cents on the matter.

Friday, March 14, 2014

8 Ways You Can Use Sweet Almond Oil to Better Your Health!

(Photo Credit: Wikipedia)
I love natural at home remedies and I love natural oils for skin care, Sweet almond oil also has the added benefit of smelling so nice.  Check out some of the info I have found about how Sweet Almond Oil can help you!

Almonds are mostly used salted, plain, in confectioneries and desserts and even consumed to extract massage oils, edible oil and even hair oils. Almond oils are widely used all over the world due to its amazing uses. Sweet almond oil is highly used for skin and health care purposes. Some of amazing benefits are described below.
(Photo Credit: Wikipedia)

  • Rich Source for Vitamins and Minerals:

Almond oil is available in pale yellow color, amazing in flavor and a high source of important minerals and vitamins. Calcium, magnesium, potassium, vitamins D and E are found in sweet almond oil that is why it is a great source of nutrients which are essential for health.

  • Sweet Almond Oil for Cardiac Health:

Sweet almond oil is rich in folic acids, mono saturated fats, protein and potassium sweet almond oil helpful to maintain your health of heart. You can lesser down the heart diseases if you add up almond oil in your diet.

Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Refuse to be a prisoner to meaningless opinions...

So True...  I refuse to be a prisoner...  

Think what you may but it won't change me.  Only I can change me and only if and when I feel the need to change...  
The only opinion of me that matters is my opinion of myself!  
Also, what others think of me is none of my business!  :)

Thursday, February 27, 2014

The Space Needle is Melting!

Michael Holden New Years 2013: Space Needle Fireworks in SeattleW00t! 


Saturn and its rings glow in a back lit, enhanced-color image from the Cassini orbiter. The picture combines images that were acquired using infrared, red and violet filters on Oct. 17. Two of Saturn’s moons, Enceladus and Tethys, sparkle on the left side of the planet. (
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Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Blank Wall Transformed!

Monday, February 17, 2014

Fancy Antsy Tie Tying!

Friday, February 14, 2014

Valentine's Day Keeping Up With The Jones(es)

Show your love with homemade baked goods!
I wish everyone a Happy Valentine's Day but then again, I wish all your days to be happy. 
Today is not special to me, by any means.  I don't buy into the commercialized hype of this holiday.  I think that your love and adoration should be celebrated every day of the year, not just on this day. If you cherish your love everyday then you don't need society to designate a day to shower your significant other with love, gifts and attention!
Musical Valentines By ZombieSmile
I believe that when guys over the top to create the perfect Valentine's Day that it's not really about love.  I think that there is usually some other motivating factor behind the gesture, most likely guilt.  They don't do it because they feel especially romantic today or because it's going to be fun for them mostly they buy the gifts, plan the date, get the flowers because society tells them they have to or their woman will be outraged.  I hate being pressured into doing anything, how about you?

Thursday, February 13, 2014

Old Fashion Table Pitching Competition, in a Surprise Upset the Purse Toting Hulkess takes the gold!

If anyone happens to know what is actually happening in this video clip, please contact me!


KFC on Steroids! Whoa girl, put the bucket down, show me your hands and slowly back away!

Did someone order a bucket of chicken????
(Photo credit: TJ Gehling

Sunday, February 9, 2014

The Best Super Bowl Commercial Ever...

Normally I hate commercials but the Super Bowl commercials are usually the exception to my rule.  This year I wasn't impressed with any of them really, except this one!  This makes me want to get a puppy and a horse...  :)

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Thursday, February 6, 2014

Interactive Collage of Random Art

My Facebook Movie

Monday, February 3, 2014

Seahawks Stomp Cake (Superbowl Sunday)

How I made this cake:

I used devil's food cake mix. I applied "Cake Release" to the inside of my Pyrex bowl (which makes the cake slide right out of the pan; doesn't matter if its plastic, meal or glass) prior to adding the batter and baked it until a toothpick came out clean. I then placed the bowl on a wire rack to allow it cool, then flipped the cake over onto a cookie sheet to remove it from the bowl. I used a long, thin, forever sharp knife to carefully cut what would become the bottom of the cake so it would sit flat, if you skip this step and the cake sits unevenly it may tear while carving or icing it! I then flipped it over back onto the cookie sheet and froze it for a couple of hours, I carved the football shape but it took a while as the cake would get too warm and I would have to put it back in the freezer to firm it up and then continue where i left off. Lastly I iced it, the Seahawk could have been better but it was done freehand and I was tired... But I did use a little glitter icing! :)

After the Hawks won the championship, I didn't have the heart to cut into this beauty... :) Good thing I brought a "second string" cake and made a last minute substitution!!! Otherwise I may have mauled by the kids wanting cake! Not sure how long I will hang onto this cake but for now it's in the freezer. I am thinking maybe I will save it for the next Seahawks Superbowl game!
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Sunday, February 2, 2014

Seahawk's Star QB Russell Wilson has a Long Lost Brother?

News Flash! Russell Wilson has a twin brother no one knows about! 

He lives in Bellingham and should be immediately drafted as 2nd string QB for the SEAHAWKS! Just in case! 

GO HAWKS!! Nothing can stop you now!!! Seal the deal, Get that title, cause you deserve it!!! 

Ron Pai hope you don't mind that I used your photo and exposed you as our kick ass QB's long lost twin brother!!!

Friday, January 31, 2014

The Difference is Why...

"They laugh because I am different... I laugh because they're all the same! I'm proud to be a geek but I am no sheep!" -Malibu Ninja

SoulPancake Activities - The Difference is Why- 1 month ago
Quiet people listen more. Shorter people are more grounded. Bookworms are more well-read.  Wallflowers smell better. OK, maybe not necessarily that last one.
Embrace your inner oddball. List all of the best things about being different.

I am not capable of being ordinary, only extraordinary. I have always been a little different.  Like a mis-matched shoe that is obvious to anyone who cares to look. 

Have never followed the path those before me have beaten but instead set out on my own to blaze a new trail.  I can’t say that it was always the best option but it was always my decision, rarely influenced by anyone or anything outside of myself.  My route was not the path of least resistance but most of the time it was that of most resistance and often my own choices kicked me in the ass and punched me in the eye!

Monday, January 27, 2014

Jesse Ruben is a super star, the proof is in the e-Cards!

In the music industry, you know you have "made it" as an artist when some one creates an e-Card with your name across it and posts it on the various social networks to circulate! 
Usually the circulation follows some outlandish public debauchery; like being spotted having a romantic dinner with a married man (if you happen to be a female artist) or maybe a photographer is snapping photos after a drunken bar brawl and you “accidently” knock him out with a right hook (if you happen to be a bad ass male artist).  My point is, that in the music industry popularity is rarely based on your actual talent or the message your music is sending but almost completely on your party animal image. 

Seems a bit like high school doesn’t it?

Jesse Ruben on the other hand doesn’t do drunken debauchery or bar fights and still has gained a huge following in recent years.  See e-Card for proof!

Congratulations Jesse!!  You have reached the big time! People like you so much that there is a Jesse Ruben e-card!  If that isn’t fame, I don’t know what is.  The bonus news is that said e-Card isn't offensive and doesn't portray you in a negative light at all!

Ding! Ding! Ding! We Have A Winner!

Sunday, January 26, 2014

Seahawks Game Day!!!!!

At the beginning of the season I posted the following graphic predicting that the Seattle Seahawks would keep up the steady pace they were setting, all the way to the playoffs.  

Unlike other teams that showboat and kept their best players in a game despite an obvious lead, Seattle has maintained tact, consistency and a good strategy throughout the year.  Hawks have mostly kept their heads down, staying focused on the goal and plowed on through their games.
So my prediction has come true and they made it, not only to the playoffs but they are going to the Super Bowl!  

I am proud to be a longtime Hawks fan, once again fair weather fans are coming out of the woodwork since the last playoff game against San Fran but I have been supporting my home team for longer than I can remember.  We are (my son and I) very excited to see the Seahawks go to another Super Bowl!

The last time the Hawks played in the bowl was when I was pregnant with Jamison.  He was literally born a Seahawks fan!  Every year he has worn his blue and green and watched games with mommy and hoped to see them go once again.  Now he is getting his wish!

Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Goofy GIFs Courtesy of Google+ Auto Awesome

This was the only “Almost” snow day so far this
winter, meaning school was not cancelled
but delayed by two hours!

Photos... Some random favorites

I have have been going through photos on all my various hard drives, organizing them and backing them up to Google+ Photos lately.  This is a time consuming process but the fun part is looking at pictures you may have forgotten about.  Here are a few of my favorite photos that I have taken over the years...

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Thursday, January 16, 2014

Paper Roses - Technique #1

Creating Paper Roses - Technique #1

(Using Patterned Petals and securing with Elmer's Glue)

I have been looking into all the various ways to create flowers, specifically roses,out of paper.
There are so many ways that it's overwhelming! So I am posting a few different sets of instructions with different techniques, tools and results.

Step 1: Gather Supplies and Tools
Step 2: Draw Various Parts on Paper
Step 3: Cut Petals and Leaves for your Rose
Step 4: Fold and Burnish Outer Petals
Step 5: Glue Outer Petals Together.
Step 6: Proceed to Inner Petals
Step 7: Glue Inner Petals to Outer Petal Base
Step 8: Add Leaves
Step 9: Arrange Rose, or Roses as Desired

The above technique for creating paper roses was adapted from an Instructable and all photo credit goes to the Instructable (Unless otherwise notated in photo caption):

Supplies and tools for this craft are very minimal.

Pen, pencil or marker

Clamps (if available)

Paper can be construction paper, copy paper, old book pages, gift backs, gift wrap, scrapbook pages, newspaper,English: This is a paper bag from Victory Supermarkets (Photo credit: Wikipedia) brown paper bags…. Etc. Tissue paper is not recommended.

After some practice you can skip outlining the pieces and just cut them out.

Shown are some designs you can use to begin with. As you can see, each individual shape is quite simple. Draw if necessary by following the picture shown. Try to maintain size relationships.

To make one rose you should have cut out a few leaves (2 or 3) and 7 petals (3 outer pedals and 4 inner petals)

The three outer petals are glued together to make the base of the rose.

Here, three or four concentric circles are wound or wrapped into cone shapes. You should have 3 or 4 different sizes of circles.

Having glued three or four cones together, we can now glue them to the base.

I add two or three leaves to the bottom of the rose. The leaves are cut out and the edges are serrated by making cuts along the edges of the leaf.