Sunday, September 29, 2013

Remember When My Living Room Rained $100 Bills?

Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Note Taking Device Attached To Your Arm

POWERCAM_IMG_0000When the Note Taking Device Attached To Your Arm Isn't Good Enough To Meet Your Demands…   Where Do You Turn?

Smile 12 a
Smile 12 a (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
My original, tried and true note taking app is  not really what comes to mind when you hear "app" because it's attached to my arm: I'm talking about my hand!!!  Technically you put a pen in your hand and APPLY it to the paper to write, right?  So it can be called an app...  Anyways...

So, writing by hand is slow and it’s difficult to go back and edit what you have written without completely re-writing it all.  With all the notes I take I would have to carry around a ton of paper or binders or notebooks to be able to access needed notes whenever I required the information. 

So instead, I take notes on my computer.  I used to keep notes in Word but those files are large and it’s difficult to keep it all organized in different files and folders and such.  So, I use two note taking applications religiously; one being Microsoft's OneNote and the other being SpringPad, a browser based Notebook.

Monday, September 23, 2013

Memories of Birthdays Past

My buddy Brian's Birthday Reminds Me of Birthdays Past...
So firstly, Happy Birthday Brian!  
I can't believe it,  my buddy Brian's girlfriend dumped him, today of all days, His Birthday!!!  Who does that?  Have you ever viciously broken someone's heart on their birthday?

I called Brian to sing him Happy Birthday and he told me what happened, he was devastated and heartbroken, so in an effort to cheer Brian up I created this image for his birthday...
By The Way...  When She realizes her mistake a...
Brian's birthday nightmare makes me think back to the summer I met Brian.  I was 15 or 16 and we met on Alki Beach in West Seattle (Where I lived at the time) and were immediate friends.  We hung almost continually from that point on and I began to date Brian's friend Carlos.

Friday, September 20, 2013

Captain Wiggly J

Captain Wiggly J & The Legend of the Eternal Candles...

My little boy just turned 7 and he wanted a pirate themed birthday...  So I made a pirate ship cake, he dressed up as a pirate, his uncles made him pirate swords (heavy ones intended for decoration) I made him lightweight play swords, we created all kinds of cool decorations and last but not least I bought trick candles for his cake...

This video is hilarious...

Monday, September 16, 2013

20 Geeky Socks Sure to Knock Yours Off

I saw the following post on and had to share it with my geeky friends...  

I love funky socks for two reasons; 

  1. It's pretty easy to figure out sock matching when each pair is unique 
  2. I love to express my individuality And these are another great way to do just that!.. 

 Express your inner geek with Geek Chic Socks!!!  These Einstein socks are my favorite, Which are your's??

Friday, September 13, 2013

Slow & Steady Wins The Race

Slow and Steady Wins The Race..  To The Playoffs!  Go Hawks!

All you Hawks fans this graphic is for you...  To remind you that the Hawks rock but they don't need to showboat to prove it!
For all the haters, well this graphic is for you!  To warn you that we will rock your team too!

Wednesday, September 11, 2013



~Verse 1~ 

When my world was dim 
You appeared /out of ~nowhere~ 
Turned my life into, a whirlwind, And I fell 
~Helpless~ to your~ snare~ 
You brought me all that I need 
To your ~positivity~ / I ~concede~ 
Your shining light, Saved me from despair 
And was the answer / to all my prayers 


Oh Changeling 
How you changed me 
The true you I couldn't see 
Forever hidden behind a mask 
Should have had the sense to ask 
Oh Changeling 
How was I so blind? 
Cause I just laid back 
And watched you 
Perpetrate your crime 

~~Verse 2~~ 

Your seductive nature has lead 
Me astray / while you leech off me 
You took so much pride, in consuming mine
And still~ I Remained / Devoted 
Was fooled by false emotions 
Like you drugged me / with ~magic potion~ 
You are the evil fruit, of a poison tree 
Believe me to be weak / but I disagree 

**~~** Repeat Chorus **~~** 

~~~Verse 3~~~ 

You’re a user, but still useless 
Just stand back and watch you 
Shapeshift your life, No better than a drifter 
Chameleon constantly changing 
Seize control like a ~Machiavellian~ 
You cut through me like a knife 
Almost ended my young life
You’re a parasite, depleting all reserves
Someday you’ll get punished / just what you deserve

**~~** Repeat Chorus **~~**

~~~~Verse 4~~~~

You call out my name, Beckoning,
I pretend I didn't hear
you will get your day of reckoning
No regrets, refuse to allow any more tears
~Eventually~ you will repay your debts
You are a piece of work, a freak show
Be sure to charge admission fee
Would be the first time you made money honestly


Mostly everyone has met a Changeling and later regretted it. A Changeling is a shape-shifter, so to speak, the kind of person who spends their whole lives acting out roles, manipulating and playing games. No one ever sees who a changeling really is inside because of their "masks". They set up elaborate charades all designed to make others bend to their will and give them what they want. They work very hard to make sure they don't have to actually work hard.

This song is about human leeches who alter their appearance, hobbies, values, beliefs and anything else necessary to land them a specific target's affection. They leech all they can from the target, money, cars and so on. They then move in, live off of them and slowly bleed them dry. When there is nothing left to take, they reinvent themselves again and secure the next victim before leaving the current one completely broken and alone. Sociopaths, they don't feel remorse, guilt or shame...

Watch out, if you let them in your life, Changelings will destroy you!

© 2013 Stacy M Price (AKA MalibuNinja)

Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Wood 101: Finger (Box) Joints

Finger joint or box combing
Finger joint or box combing (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Finger joints are used to join two pieces of wood together  usually at a right angle, see illustration to the right. These joints are called finger joints as they look like interlocking fingers or box joints since they are commonly used when constructing boxes or drawers . Using this type of joint is both functional and decorative. The fingers fit together and are then glued to form a strong joint.

Revamped Electric Guitar (SneakPeek)

 I have a couple of things to finish and then I can post about the electric guitar that i have overhauled!!!  Subscribe to get notified of new posts and projects!

Suffering from chronic back and/or neck pain like I am?

Maybe you could try these moves recommended by Dr. Oz to alleviate some of your agony...

I have been dealing with chronic back pain for as long as I can remember. I was in a car accident at age 8, diagnosed with scoliosis at 15, was born with three vertebrae fused together which left them shorter than one normal vertebrae (birth defect) and on top of all that I have had multiple muscle pulls and other back and neck injuries. I have been in and out of physical therapy my whole life. But that's enough about my chronic pain in the ass....

Monday, September 2, 2013

"I Say What I Mean, I Mean What I Say"

"I say what I mean, I mean what I say"Lyrics By Malibu Ninja

NOTE:  This is a work in progress & still needs a ton of editing.

When women talk, Most men just block
Understandable when all you hear is bawk bawk bawk

Why listen? She doesn't Say what she means

Expected to decipher And somehow glean

What's going on in her head? Anything?

Why so many words?  To say nothing at all

Spare me your speech It has no meaning

What it is you want?  A big fat brawl?

Quit beating the bush  Get down to biz

Please be honest and Tell it like it is

I say what I mean, I mean what I say
Expect the truth, won't tolerate grey
Won't lie or double speak
Must be some sort of freak
If I fuck up, I fess up
Won't point the finger
Put you through the ringer
Not two faced, I've got but one,
Won't cheat, nor allow reruns
Hate the games they play
Blame him, Blame her...  all day
Can't we just meet halfway?
I say what I mean, I mean what I say
As long as we speak true, we'll be okay

I will never tell you What you want to hear 
To get what I want, Why fake tears? 
Spin webs? Pump your ego?
If that's what you need
Sorry amigo, I'm not that girl
If you want fake
You’d better just go away

I Don’t Lie, then try to cover it up
Get all caught up until I'm stuck
Guarantee I won't make
You chase your tail
I am so blunt
You may call me a c%*t

I think like a guy, But look like a girl
I am what every man wants, I am real
I love football and can fix almost anything
I am sexy but don't do bling bling
The perfect catch 
Don't fish for compliments
Will never ask you
If my butt looks big

© 2013 Stacy M Price (AKA MalibuNinja)