Friday, March 14, 2014

8 Ways You Can Use Sweet Almond Oil to Better Your Health!

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I love natural at home remedies and I love natural oils for skin care, Sweet almond oil also has the added benefit of smelling so nice.  Check out some of the info I have found about how Sweet Almond Oil can help you!

Almonds are mostly used salted, plain, in confectioneries and desserts and even consumed to extract massage oils, edible oil and even hair oils. Almond oils are widely used all over the world due to its amazing uses. Sweet almond oil is highly used for skin and health care purposes. Some of amazing benefits are described below.
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  • Rich Source for Vitamins and Minerals:

Almond oil is available in pale yellow color, amazing in flavor and a high source of important minerals and vitamins. Calcium, magnesium, potassium, vitamins D and E are found in sweet almond oil that is why it is a great source of nutrients which are essential for health.

  • Sweet Almond Oil for Cardiac Health:

Sweet almond oil is rich in folic acids, mono saturated fats, protein and potassium sweet almond oil helpful to maintain your health of heart. You can lesser down the heart diseases if you add up almond oil in your diet.

  • An Effective Painkiller:

Almond oil is widely used for massage purposes as it is proved that almond oil is very effective to relive physical stress and muscle pain.

  • Sweet Almond Oil to Control Cholesterol:
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Sweet almond oil has low sodium and high potassium levels, sweet almond treat cholesterol level and keep your blood pressure control.

  • Sweet Almond Oil for Immune System:

If you are suffering from any problem related to immune system you should add up almond oil in your daily intake. The great laxative characteristic of sweet almond oil is best for digestion and is highly suggested for curing constipation.

  • Ideal for Skin Care Products and Massage:

Of really valuable in salons and spas, almond oil is best for spa skin medications and massage therapies that gives amazing results. Sweet almond oil is widely used to the manufacture face and body soaps, massage oils and face packs.

  • Sweet Almond Oil to Treat Dry Skin:

Sweet almond oil is very amazing to treat the dry skin. Rich in vitamin A, E, B2, B1 and B6, it greatly balances the moisture in irritated and dry skin. Moreover, it is greatly absorbed into your skin and never leave any sticky effect.

  • Sweet Almond Oil for Healthy Hair:

Sweet almond oil is a great hair serum, it is really effective to reduce split ends, hair loss, dull and frizzy hair. You can use sweet almond oil is widely used to get rid of hair problems.