Monday, October 21, 2013

Don't allow Expectations to Ruin You *Wiz-Dumb Pai*


So many people go through life attempting to control every aspect of their day to day lives.  They plan everything in their minds and expect their plans to become reality.  They expect what they consider to be perfection.  Even if they don't expect exact perfection, they do expect close to it.  Through their predictions they are sure that events will go smoothly for them.  Predicting every outcome so all will be right in their world! 

These people predict what will happen, how it will happen and how they will react to whatever it is.  Then they spend their day manipulating everything and everyone around them in an attempt to produce their desired outcome.  When whatever it is doesn't turn out exactly how they believed it would... well, they become enraged or depressed.

When you set expectations you are throwing a metaphorical wrench into the engine of your life. 

What happens when you throw a wrench into a running engine?

Well, it makes awful sounds; it clanks and squeals as it smashes various engine components.  It dents and dings pretty much everything in it's path while it's flung in every direction until it is finally loudly and violently ejected.  Either that or the engine gives up the fight and finally sputters to a stop. 
Expectations are just as destructive as that wrench, sometimes more so. 

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Expectations = Failure

Life will never measure up to your expectations and setting them is only setting yourself up for failure. 

While others act out this crazy delusion of having control over their lives over and over, I know that there is unlimited room for error in predictions.  I can sit back and watch life unfold and let it develop naturally.  I have learned that I have no control of the people and things around me and therefore I have learned not to expect anything. 

Good or bad, I allow life to happen as it was destined to. 

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Life will be what it is, nothing more than it was destined to be.  Whatever the situation, it will never last, it will morph and change into something new and different.  Why? because change is the only constant. 

Life is as unpredictable as a wild animal.  No matter how much effort you put into domesticating it..  No matter how much rapport you have built or influence you have, you can't ever REALLY tame a wild animal.



Just ask Melanie Griffith, whose mother kept "tamed" lions as pets in their house while she was growing up.   Her mother, Tippi Hedren, fell in love with wildcats while visiting Africa.  Her then husband and her decided to make a movie about lions and other wildcats called “Roar”. they dumped not only their life savings into making the film but also poured their lives into what ended up being a flop.  The film cost $17 million to make and only grossed $2 million worldwide.
Before and during the making of the film, Tippi brought lions home to live with the family.  The lions were treated like you would treat dogs, they even slept in the bed with the kids at night.  The pet lions seemed so gentle and domesticated.  But one day a lion turned and mauled Melanie.  She ended up having to undergo plastic surgery to repair her face.
Long story short, no matter how much love you have for a wild animal, they are still wild and cannot be trusted to act as you expect them to.  Much like you cannot expect life to be how you expect it to be.
Life will go on, in whatever manner until it ceases to, cannot stop it or slow it down.  Spend your whole life stressing and manipulating everything and everyone and you will still leave this world when you are destined to.  Why not accept life as it is and embrace it?  Spend what little time you have left on this earth enjoying it!
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