Monday, September 2, 2013

"I Say What I Mean, I Mean What I Say"

"I say what I mean, I mean what I say"Lyrics By Malibu Ninja

NOTE:  This is a work in progress & still needs a ton of editing.

When women talk, Most men just block
Understandable when all you hear is bawk bawk bawk

Why listen? She doesn't Say what she means

Expected to decipher And somehow glean

What's going on in her head? Anything?

Why so many words?  To say nothing at all

Spare me your speech It has no meaning

What it is you want?  A big fat brawl?

Quit beating the bush  Get down to biz

Please be honest and Tell it like it is

I say what I mean, I mean what I say
Expect the truth, won't tolerate grey
Won't lie or double speak
Must be some sort of freak
If I fuck up, I fess up
Won't point the finger
Put you through the ringer
Not two faced, I've got but one,
Won't cheat, nor allow reruns
Hate the games they play
Blame him, Blame her...  all day
Can't we just meet halfway?
I say what I mean, I mean what I say
As long as we speak true, we'll be okay

I will never tell you What you want to hear 
To get what I want, Why fake tears? 
Spin webs? Pump your ego?
If that's what you need
Sorry amigo, I'm not that girl
If you want fake
You’d better just go away

I Don’t Lie, then try to cover it up
Get all caught up until I'm stuck
Guarantee I won't make
You chase your tail
I am so blunt
You may call me a c%*t

I think like a guy, But look like a girl
I am what every man wants, I am real
I love football and can fix almost anything
I am sexy but don't do bling bling
The perfect catch 
Don't fish for compliments
Will never ask you
If my butt looks big

© 2013 Stacy M Price (AKA MalibuNinja)