Wednesday, September 11, 2013



~Verse 1~ 

When my world was dim 
You appeared /out of ~nowhere~ 
Turned my life into, a whirlwind, And I fell 
~Helpless~ to your~ snare~ 
You brought me all that I need 
To your ~positivity~ / I ~concede~ 
Your shining light, Saved me from despair 
And was the answer / to all my prayers 


Oh Changeling 
How you changed me 
The true you I couldn't see 
Forever hidden behind a mask 
Should have had the sense to ask 
Oh Changeling 
How was I so blind? 
Cause I just laid back 
And watched you 
Perpetrate your crime 

~~Verse 2~~ 

Your seductive nature has lead 
Me astray / while you leech off me 
You took so much pride, in consuming mine
And still~ I Remained / Devoted 
Was fooled by false emotions 
Like you drugged me / with ~magic potion~ 
You are the evil fruit, of a poison tree 
Believe me to be weak / but I disagree 

**~~** Repeat Chorus **~~** 

~~~Verse 3~~~ 

You’re a user, but still useless 
Just stand back and watch you 
Shapeshift your life, No better than a drifter 
Chameleon constantly changing 
Seize control like a ~Machiavellian~ 
You cut through me like a knife 
Almost ended my young life
You’re a parasite, depleting all reserves
Someday you’ll get punished / just what you deserve

**~~** Repeat Chorus **~~**

~~~~Verse 4~~~~

You call out my name, Beckoning,
I pretend I didn't hear
you will get your day of reckoning
No regrets, refuse to allow any more tears
~Eventually~ you will repay your debts
You are a piece of work, a freak show
Be sure to charge admission fee
Would be the first time you made money honestly


Mostly everyone has met a Changeling and later regretted it. A Changeling is a shape-shifter, so to speak, the kind of person who spends their whole lives acting out roles, manipulating and playing games. No one ever sees who a changeling really is inside because of their "masks". They set up elaborate charades all designed to make others bend to their will and give them what they want. They work very hard to make sure they don't have to actually work hard.

This song is about human leeches who alter their appearance, hobbies, values, beliefs and anything else necessary to land them a specific target's affection. They leech all they can from the target, money, cars and so on. They then move in, live off of them and slowly bleed them dry. When there is nothing left to take, they reinvent themselves again and secure the next victim before leaving the current one completely broken and alone. Sociopaths, they don't feel remorse, guilt or shame...

Watch out, if you let them in your life, Changelings will destroy you!

© 2013 Stacy M Price (AKA MalibuNinja)