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Who is Malibu Ninja?

A brief summary of where I come from....

(Super Nerd, Techie Geek, Computer Nerd, Crazy Person, Whichever you prefer)
Also a Mom, Artist, Craftsman, Fixer of all Things Broken, Dreamer, Writer, Bookkeeper, Productivity Consultant, Mortgage Loan Originator and Caregiver!

"I refuse to be ordinary and fall into the category that everyone places me in... I am no sheep but I am a Geek!!!! Some find me to be strange, some attack me because I am different, others relish in my self-expressive nature. You either love me or you hate me, not many fall in between." - Malibu Ninja

Welcome to my blog, a work in progress. Please check back often or subscribe to be updated when new content is available, as I am adding new stuff everyday and some day it will reach a state of awesomeness to which nothing can compare!!!

I am much more than just a bunch of labels, of course. I have lived an interesting life so far, have learned many skills and many lessons, most the hard way. I have plenty of good stories to tell and I hope to enjoy many more colorful years ahead. My Great Grandma Lucy lived to be 94 so based on genetic history, I think I may have a few years left (hopefully).

My name is Stacy, I was born in Mt. Vernon in the beautiful state of Washington. I spent most
of my early childhood years with my grandparents in Anacortes, WA but grew up in many different places all over the Pacific NorthWest including Ferndale, Oak Harbor, West Seattle and Silverdale.

I have a diverse professional background in Bookkeeping, Property Management (Vacation Home management including repairs & maintenance and I managed a 32 unit apartment complex where I performed most of the maintenance and upgrades myself), Small Business Management and Consulting, Mortgage Banking and Loan Modification Negotiation. I ran my own consulting business for 6 years while concurrently maintaining employment elsewhere.

My son Jamison is awesome! He is adorable, super smart and I love him more than life itself... I try not to tell him how great he is all the time, so he doesn't get a big head. He is my little man, my small male clone, my mini me!!!

Jamison is eagerly awaiting his 7th birthday coming up in August. He just finished 1st grade and has never missed a single word on all his spelling tests!!! Considering I am an awful speller, I think this is an accomplishment to be celebrated! He is very bright and so entertaining. Everyday he is surprising me with his abilities, talents and the witty, random things he says.

Jamison is quite a little lady's man too. Up until recently I thought being a sweet talker was a skill you learned but apparently it is passed on through DNA because his father hasn't been around to teach the craft but the boy has it down.

He has a little "girlfriend" Naomi, which he has had a crush on since we first moved here but has called his girlfriend since last July when they began to have regular play dates. Their first play date was just after he surprised her on her birthday with a super sweet gift at the vacation bible camp they were attending. She is blonde, wears glasses, her favorite color is green (just a little like his mommy!) and she is so much like him sometimes I wonder if I somehow unknowingly had a daughter too!

Anacortes is on Fidalgo Island which is located west of Mt. Vernon right next to the San Juan Islands (The ferry to get to the San Juan Islands leaves from Anacortes) but not considered part of them. 
Location of the San Juan Islands
Location of the San Juan Islands (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

My grandpa “Papa” was a commercial fisherman, he owned a 65’ fishing vessel named “Alma” and was based out of Anacortes. Papa ran the boat and crew and my grandma “GG” ran the business side of things like taxes, payroll and other office matters.

I have always thought that my grandparents' marriage is the perfect example of how marriage is supposed to work. They complement each other so well, GG’s weaknesses are Papa’s strengths and visa-versa. They love unconditionally provide support in any way they can, they listen to each other, value the other's opinions and have stayed in love for over 50 years!

I have many hobbies including woodworking, painting, sewing, writing, among others but I especially love writing poetry/lyrics.

Completely randomly I began writing music in February of 2012, prior to then I had never attempted to write music. I was sitting with my friend Alex listening to him play guitar, we were talking about how many songs he has with no lyrics. Then he says to me "You should write some lyrics for my wordless songs". I told him I couldn't write lyrics and he replies with conviction "Sure you can, I know you can".

So I started writing, within about an hour I had a really good rough draft of "Changeling". We worked on it for a couple of hours and had a decent song! Unfortunately, "Changeling" is the only song I have written that I have been able to put to music. All in all, I have written about 15 to 20 songs. Most are as complete as they can get without music but some are at varied stages of completion.

Some believe I have a natural talent for lyrical writing; I have gotten nothing but positive feedback when I share my lyrics with others. A lot of them I am still hesitant to share with the world, I believe that music (lyrics) expose your heart and soul and are very personal, that and I'm not sure they are any good.. I have always found writing to be cathartic but writing lyrics is even more freeing than I ever imagined.

I am a super geek and pride myself on learning as much as I can about whatever I happen to find interesting at the moment. I am a software junkie, I love my computers and can waste hours on end tweaking them to perform better. My computers have been my partner in business for years but now I use them to create photo art, videos or new song lyrics. Friends and family are constantly asking for help with their computers, which for the most part, I don't mind. Although many seem to think that if you know something about computers that you know everything about computers and can solve their problem without even seeing the machine in question, which can be bothersome.

This past year I have learned several new skills and have dabbled in a few random areas of interest. I have taught myself a ton of new software programs, I have revisited my woodshop days building furniture, repurposing and/or refinishing old furniture and using wood to create all kinds of things. I have allowed myself more creative freedom than ever before.
After I master the blog realm (HTML & Such).... I suppose my next big adventure will be to re-learn to play violin or learn to play guitar, ukulele or mandolin, so that I may write the music to accompany my lyrical creations.

Quote of the Day:
"The conventional view serves to protect us from the painful job of thinking."
--John Kenneth Galbraith
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