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The Difference is Why...

"They laugh because I am different... I laugh because they're all the same! I'm proud to be a geek but I am no sheep!" -Malibu Ninja

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Quiet people listen more. Shorter people are more grounded. Bookworms are more well-read.  Wallflowers smell better. OK, maybe not necessarily that last one.
Embrace your inner oddball. List all of the best things about being different.

I am not capable of being ordinary, only extraordinary. I have always been a little different.  Like a mis-matched shoe that is obvious to anyone who cares to look. 

Have never followed the path those before me have beaten but instead set out on my own to blaze a new trail.  I can’t say that it was always the best option but it was always my decision, rarely influenced by anyone or anything outside of myself.  My route was not the path of least resistance but most of the time it was that of most resistance and often my own choices kicked me in the ass and punched me in the eye!


I don’t fit into the category of normal, not sure they even have a category to describe me even remotely.  Even as a lost teenager just trying to find someplace where I fit in, I stood out like a sore thumb.  I attempted to conform once when attending Oak Harbor High School, I joined the NJROTC program which is like mini military in high school. It didn’t go so well, I don’t like being obedient, hate submitting to authoritative figures and uniforms are not my thang!  Smile

I am loud and proud, smart and opinionated, observant and outspoken. More now so than ever, I embrace my unique quirky traits and allow my freak flag to fly high.

What is normal anyways?


Who decides what is considered normal?


If I had a choice, to be normal like everyone else or be abnormal, I would choose the later every time! Do you want to fit into the box society tries to cram you into? I don't, I won't ever fit no matter how much it's forced. People say "Think outside the box", I say "Be outside the box!", or “What box?”.

So many human beings wander around acting like sheep, they follow the herd. They do what is expected of them, Do whatever they are told to do. Content to just put one foot in front of the other and step where their parents did, go exactly where everyone has gone and do exactly what everyone else has done. Do, say and think what they are told to or what they think they are supposed to. What a boring, predictable, uneventful life.

Those sheepish people never develop independence, never learn to think for themselves. Unfortunately, I just described the typical, normal human being. Not the kind of people you want around if the world goes to shit and the zombies take over. They will be the first to be chewed up and spit out, standing there waiting to be told what to do. if the dead rise to walk the earth, I want strong willed, independent, innovative thinkers around me!

**That was kind of a random tangent… Sorry….

Most people are intimidated by me; either because of my height, my beauty (I am told) or my intelligence. I am a force to be reckoned with but also I am a kind, generous person. I am the kind of friend that you want in your corner when that bell rings but often my intentions are misinterpreted. Generally, other people either love me (flock to me) or they hate me (avoid me like a plague). A great deal of the time, I am not given a chance to show my true colors as stereotypes and surface assumptions get in my way.

I am a head taller than the average person, which means I can always find you in a crowd and I know when it's raining before everyone else. I took a ton of abuse as a kid because of my height, was called a giraffe, an ostrich, among other things.  Funny how the boys changed their tune when I grew up and suddenly I was a tall blond amazon with legs up to my chin.

The best part about being a striking blond is that people underestimate my abilities. I love when I can take some one's assumptions and blow them to smithereens, leaving them dumbstruck and sometimes, running scared.  Most people expect me to be the typical dumb blond but I refuse to fall into the category that everyone places me in... I am no sheep but I am a Geek!!!!


My newly adopted motto:

“Above all else…  Be True to You!”

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