Friday, October 11, 2013

Dear Mankind **WIZ-DUMB PAI**

“True success is achieved when you stop trying to empress others and start believing in yourself” –Johnie Pai

Dear Mankind,

You always want what you can't have. You think you need more then you truly need to sustain life. Apparently you can't tell the difference between needs and wants. Your priorities consist of you and all your needs/wants, nothing of substance and no one of importance. You always want more, more than you already possess, more than all the money in the world could buy. Your gluttonous display of excess is not enough and no matter how many expensive things you collect none of it will ever be enough for you to be satisfied.

You couldn't possibly take care of the possessions you already own but still you desire more. Flashy cars, fast boats, fancy watches, diamonds; all just objects to me but to you they are symbols of success and the only way to prove that you have made something of yourself. So even though you struggle to maintain what you have; you would beg, borrow, cheat or steal to obtain more, more, more shiny, sparkly, flashy, fast, big, better things by any means possible.

Why bother with this daily charade? So that every Tom, Dick and Harry will KNOW that you are better than them. Beyond any shadow of a doubt you are better, at least in your mind. You struggle and fight to keep up with your reputation of riches so your ego feels nicely stroked.

While you cruise around on your yacht with your hair blowing in the wind, you are busy plotting your next move in the crooked game of life you play. You life is one big strategic game like war, but do you ever just stop and smell a rose and take in the sweet aroma.? Do you ever relax or just have a good time with friends and family without worrying about your reputation or your lies? No you don't.

Never do you stop to take a look around and realize that all those objects and the game you play is a bunch of meaningless garbage. If you weren't so concerned with all of it, you would see that you have or at least used to have everything you needed to be happy and fulfilled.
Friends and Family used to surround you, include you, support your dreams and aspirations with guidance and positive reinforcement. Now I bet your family keeps their distance. Whether it's your parents, siblings or your kids, everybody seems impressed by your "Success" but they don't come around to enjoy those big fancy things with you, do they? That’s because you’re an asshole and you only care about yourself, otherwise you would be with your loved ones now. When they slipped away you let them go because they didn't matter to you.

Those people who truly love you and care about you are what makes life worth living, not things, not ego. They are rare gems in life, family and loved ones that keep their arms wide open just waiting for your return. When you know that no matter what you have done you can make amends and they will still love you. If you haven't already lost your loved ones because of your oversized head and self centered antics then pull your head out of your ass and start appreciating them before you lose them forever.

If you have already lost your loved ones and family then we hope you have realized the fact that you could have been happy if you could have seen and appreciated all that you had. True success is achieved when you stop trying to empress others and start believing in yourself... I believe that we should be measuring success based on how many lives you have had a positive impact on during your time here on earth.

Happiness refuses to conform to your narrow definition of what it is.  It happens beyond your expectations if you can let them go and appreciate life as it is. Stop manipulating life to meet your demands because your wants/ needs/ desires are miniscule when you look at the big picture.

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