Wednesday, August 7, 2013

When Personal Space is Invaded, Peace of Mind is Desecrated... *Wiz-Dumb Pai*

Your personal space is YOUR own personal business; I believe that is why it's called "personal space".  Personal space should be acknowledged and respected.  I am talking about both the space your body is currently occupying also known as your “Personal Bubble” and the space that is your private area: where your belongings reside, where you sleep and get dressed, for most people this would be their bedroom. 

personal spaceThere is the line (don’t pretend you don’t know where the line is), do not cross it.  Most people understand these boundaries and they respect them.  They also expect others to do the same in regards to their personal space.
Yet there are those lovely self-absorbed people that will throw that door open without a thought and waltz right in to your personal space without an invitation.  Then they will act all shocked and surprised when you call them out on their lack of respect for you and your personal space.


Peace of mind is NOT achieved by: Reader photoDuring a recent trip down to Rocky Point, Mexico, Oro Valley resident Nancy Palm tossed a tortilla chip to a seagull that patiently waited as they ate their dinner overlooking the Sea of Cortez.
-  Making sure that your message is heard, no matter what the cost.
-  Telling everyone and anyone, what is on your mind, whether they care or not or whether they are listening or not.
-  forcing your opinions, beliefs or methods down someone else’s throat.
Note to the aforementioned self-Absorbed People:
220px-Kool_Aid_ManAll up in my Kool-Aid and you don’t even know my flavor! Who are you to think you can just invade my personal space! Did I give you some reason to think that you would be welcome? Well you are not! You need to get out and stay out! Do everyone a favor by minding your own business and stay out of my business and my space.

Also, please open your eyes and realize the world doesn’t revolve around you. You are just taking up rented space and living on borrowed time, just like the rest of us!

peacesignPeace of mind IS:

-  knowing you have NO control of the bullshit that surrounds you everyday.  This includes knowing that you have no control over others, their thoughts, actions or feelings.
- Having the ability to refrain from attaching your emotions to matters of non-importance.

Peace of mind is achieved when you:
- Take care of yourself, your responsibilities and your health.
- Remember that you control your own actions, your own emotions, your own thoughts and your own reactions to others!
- Accept that you can NEVER control another human being, so you stop trying to do so.

On a lighter note: 8393574815_c3e889f31e_o

What you may perceive to be a sad ending, is in fact a beginning to a happy ending.  Every story has to have some adversity to overcome or a battle to fight, otherwise the story would never be told!  Your life is an unfinished beware door opening editstory, circumstances may be sad now but for every door that closes, two more will open. 

So keep your head up and look forward to the bright light of your door of opportunity opening…  Instead of dwelling on what was or what could have been…


Eventually your path will lead you to the brighter side, if you let it!