Monday, July 1, 2013

My To Do & Wish To Do List!

My son and I will be making stress balls out of common household materials (Thanks to my niece Alecia!)
We will be creating a mural using repurposed lids from recycled containers (like the one pictured above)!
Building a toy box that looks like a giant Lego
(using plans from Ana White)
Up-Cycling coffee creamer bottles  into bowling pins ( idea my son came up with)
Turning rocks into “Stone Buddies” not to be confused with “Pet Rocks®”
Building this support structure for our sugar snap pea container garden!
Building a loft bed for my boy
(using plans from Ana White)
Making candles from recycled candles and crayons! (once I get into my storage unit and dig out the supplies)
I could list out projects I want to do all day but unfortunately I don't think you would be that interested so I will end it here. :)

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