Monday, July 29, 2013

My neighborhood fan club... (Working outside and the Associated Side Effects)

I work on a bunch of projects constantly...  Mostly I work outside because there isn't a lot of indoor space available but more importantly my grandfather has an allergy to cut wood. Papa also has asthma which makes him extremely sensitive to paint fumes and such.

Let me tell you, this last winter I had gotten really used to numb fingers!  When the weather warmed, I was thankful for Spring and I am very thankful for summer!

The side effect of working outside is that a lot of my neighbors have developed quite an interest in what I am doing. It's funny because they will walk, drive or ride by and gawk at me while I sand, saw, paint and drill. They will ask my grandmother or grandfather what I am working on today and how it's going, when they are out in the neighborhood.
My grandmother prides herself on her reputation and what others think of her and my grandpa. Of course I march to the beat of a different drum and for a while she didn't like me working outside because she was worried about what the neighbors would think. She thinks my favorite knit hat is silly because it's a giant frog head with glitter lips. and she encourages me to fit in by asking me if I am trying to look stupid when I wear something she believes to be odd.

Unlike my grandma I pride myself on being different and not caring what anyone thinks of me. Besides, the neighbors have all been curious and nothing but positive about what I have been doing. They always say hi and ask how papa is doing and what i am working on. So for now I will continue to express myself through my "projects" and share what I do with my readers.

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