Friday, June 14, 2013

Watch out blogging world, Malibu Ninja has arrived...

 I have thought about starting a blog for a while but didn't really feel I had anything to write about. Well, I shouldn't say that. I have plenty to write about and I do write often. A better way to say it would be I didn't think I had anything that I wanted to share with the world and in turn anything that others would want to read.

However, I have been bouncing around various blogs lately getting some ideas for different projects I want to do and realized that a lot of these blog authors and I have a ton in common. They are crafty, creative people who have knowledge to share about building furniture, creating wall art, decorating a child's room and so much more.

Many stay at home moms have found ways to use a blog to make money or get free products and services or just to share their unique creative style with the world. I have discovered many inspiring people (mostly women) blog hopping and I have them listed in a widget on the sidebar to the right.

I found an awesome homemaker in Alaska (Ana White) that builds furniture and shares her plans with step by step instructions to make it easy for others to learn and build their own furniture (saving big bucks!!!!) Check out Ana White’s plans and tips for building stuff!

Ana had started out with the desire to make a business of building and selling furniture but was laughed out of furniture stores when trying to pitch her wares. It turns out there is no way a small operation can compete in the furniture market because of the low costs of importing and the huge mark ups (300% or more). But she kept at it and now has a successful website and blog and she makes her money from advertising and appearances. She also collaborates with other women who have similar online ventures giving them exposure as well. 

I have found several others like Ana, many through her blog. Some blogs focus on crafts, some on re-purposing things (one way cool idea I found was using old sweaters to make knit hats), but all have one thing in common. They have knowledge to share and have found a great outlet to share it! These blogs have readers (some way more than others) so it stands to reason that if I started a blog and worked at it, eventually I would have readers as well. Hopefully!

So if you are reading this than my hypothesis was correct because I have at least one reader!  Yeah Me!

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