Wednesday, January 22, 2014

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This was the only “Almost” snow day so far this
winter, meaning school was not cancelled
but delayed by two hours!

Jamison scarfing down a Dicks Cheeseburger!  December 2013

Kale, Madyson and Jamison enjoying some top ramen!

The neighborhood pets, Uncle Buck & Grandpa Chuck…
Jamison’s Snow Man…  December 2013

Burnsie Says...  "So much to see, where do I look first?"
Johnie and I making faces…  what else is new…?

Halloween of 2009, that was the funniest Halloween!  Left to Right:  Johnie, Me, Selena (Johnie’s Step-Daughter), Kini (Johnie’s Niece), Front:  Kale, Jamison & Madyson.

Happy, Dancer and Iggie (Igloo)
I love this old rusted out truck... it's beautiful

This is Horsehedd: Jonn Rockwell, Druu Rogers and Tommy Price (Dave Morman on drums, Not Pictured) playing at a show I helped organize.  It was a benefit show that raised money and collected household furnishings for victims of an apartment complex fire that left two dead and many homeless in Burien, WA in 2007.
whoa (Photo credit: stgermh)

"Whoa, Spiller almost spilled herself
right off the dock" :)
This is (most) of the Jamison bloodline (Left to Right:  Uncle Steve, Cousin Jordan, Lala, Me, Grandma “GG”, Cousin Janelle, Cousin Josh, Cousin Delyn, Uncle Dennis, Cousin Chandler, Aunt Susie and Jamison down in front) at
Grandma Lucy’s memorial party.  November 2009

The beautiful and talented Selena Pai signing at a school concert.

A quick little poem I wrote before Christmas!

This was down at the Ferry Terminal in Clinton, WA (South end of Whidbey Island).  We were dropping a friend’s daughter off, she was riding the ferry over to Port Townsend to visit her grandma.  Summer of 2012.
Jamison was doing a little dance while waiting for the school bus, complete with his half eaten toast!  Fall of 2012

My son and Step-daughter playing little big planet a few years ago...Hilarious... My son usually can't sit down while playing video games, he jumps up and down... it's quite distracting
Jamison, Madyson, Selena, Kale & Johnie at the beach summer of 2009

This was the same beach but May of 2010.

Christmas at GG & Papa’s house
A A new little Jamison welcomed to the family!  This is my cousin’s wife Carrie, GG, Papa and my cousin Josh and their first child, Trenton!
Jamison In the snow winter of 2011…
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