Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Neil Hilborn Slam Poetry

Back by popular demand, Neil Hilborn. Now with 80% less beard.

***This guy is awesome!  He is not just entertaining but insightful, some think he is crazy but I believe his is crazy genius!

You may have seen him before in a video that went viral a few months back about falling in love when you suffer from OCD.  As some of you may know I myself suffer from OCD and his slam poetry performance in the aforementioned video actually made me cry the first time I saw it because it was so raw, I actually felt his pain!

One thing I am confused about though is in the above video he mentions being Bi-Polar with extreme ups and downs, so is he OCD and Bi-Polar?  The symptoms overlap a lot in those two conditions so to me in extreme OCD cases it would seem that Bi-Polar goes hand in hand with OCD.  Or are they two separate and defined disorders?