Friday, December 20, 2013

My Mad Dash to Collect a Stash of Toys for Needy Girls & Boys!

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Not many people know that the local food bank has a Christmas toy drive.  No one really knows how many families they help each holiday season or how much joy they bring the children of these families who find themselves down on their luck!  But just because not many know doesn't mean that it is any less worthwhile!  They touch the lives of many in their community and they will never get the recognition they deserve!

I believe in smaller, local charities and the amazing work they do.  Many are run by selfless individuals or groups of people who work day and night and take little to no pay for their efforts.  The impact is small scale but huge for those they are helping.  I think that large national or international charities waste millions on advertising and marketing.  I think that their officers and staff are often overpaid and greedy.  They are in it for the wrong reasons, not really to help anyone but themselves.

But local small operations like the Anacortes 100 Food Bank are in it for the right reasons and they work their butts off for pretty much nothing.

So, when I found out that the food bank was struggling to collect enough toys for the amount of kids signed up for their Christmas Assistance, I jumped at the chance to help put smiles on children's faces on Christmas morning!

I knew it would a challenge as it was only two weeks before Christmas but it's not completely hopeless.  So I make donation bins out of huge cardboard boxes that I reinforced with more cardboard and covered in Christmas wrapping paper and signage to draw attention.  Then went around to local stores and such to find places willing to house our bins.

Donation bins are located:
The Anacortes Public Library
Sebo's Doit Center
Island Hospital

So far we have got some gifts but we need more and ASAP!!!  HELP!

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