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Flashbacks to Vid-Idiot Adolescence

WARNING: Old School NES Electric Guitar May Induce Flashbacks to Vid-Idiot Adolescent Days!
NES console
NES console (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
I grew up playing the original Nintendo Entertainment System, if I remember correctly it debuted the year I turned 6.  When I was allowed to play I would keep playing until my thumbs ached and blistered or I feel asleep sitting up with a controller in my hand. Back then we didn't have the luxury of saving our game and picking it up where we left off later...  So I learned to play video games marathon style, pausing only for bathroom breaks and to eat quicker than I ever did under any other circumstances.

Image representing Nintendo as depicted in Cru...
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Needless to say, The NES contributed greatly to my geek tenancies as a child.  Now that I am a fully developed geek, I look back on those days and think "Wow kid, if your impressed with these graphics just wait a few more years and you'll be blown away!"
Super Mario Bros 3 with permanent marker erased!
Super Mario Bros 3 (Photo credit: Plat)

Super Mario Bros 3 was my favorite game on that system, it totally sucked me in.  Every Time I played, I couldn't put that controller down until I had beat the game, it was like life or death to me.  It's funny because after a gap of many years, I played that game again about 8 years ago.  I beat it in an hour or two when it used to take me all day...  It was like riding a bicycle, it just came back to me naturally.  It was as if I had been playing NES all along, muscle memory is a crazy thing!  That and games were so simple back then, so easy.  Now playing a good video game requires thought, strategy and dexterity whereas back then it was mostly mindless, repetitive button pushing!

Beautiful Christmas Tree with a present for you!
Christmas tree (Photo credit: peminumkopi)
I remember when we got that system.  At the time it was the epitome of RAD gaming technology!  Atari was demoted and Nintendo was the new, must have, symbol of "cool"!  My sister and I had a big box under the Christmas tree addressed to both of us.  Another identical box was addressed to my step sisters, Andrea and Susan.  Of course we speculated about what it could be, we had begged and begged Santa to get us the Nintendo but we weren't positive that he was going to come through for us.  My sister had peeked into some of the packages under the tree (she was sneaky!) but hadn't seen anything that indicated the NES was patiently waiting for us under that tree.

Mario and Luigi costumes
Mario and Luigi costumes
(Photo credit: Sarabbit)
So when the time finally came to open that big box, my sister and I tore into that package with the zeal of toddlers!  My sister, upon seeing that the box did, in fact, contain a NES, went overboard with excitement.  She jumped up, She hooted, She hollered, She screamed, She may have even cried all while pumping her fists in the air!  It happened so fast, in her celebration haze, my sister punched my step father in the chin causing him to bite his tongue, Oops!  Way to bite the hand that feeds, Rachel!  That was definitely a memorable way of saying thank you.

I wish I still had my NES, even if it no longer worked...  I think I would hang it on the wall as a tribute to the simpler times of my youth!

Or I would turn it into a GUITAR!  Yes, this is so much better!  NES up-cycled into an electric guitar!!!  Awesome!!!  

I am a re-purposing fool, who believes in giving credit where it's deserved.  Therefore, here is a virtual pat on the back going out to GetLoFi for creating this super sweet 80's relic guitar!!!  I give it a big fat thumbs up, it combines my nostalgic childhood memories with my lifelong love- music!

Genius repurpose of an old Nintendo console, turned into an electric guitar with effects...  AWESOME!
Created by GetLoFi Available on their site (Currently Sold Out, no surprise as these are freaking rad man!) Click Photo to check out the site
NES Electric Guitar: Custom 6 String Electric Guitar with an NES body. Features a standard neck with a hard-tail bridge. Single coil pickup with volume control and an output jack.
Source   |   Price: $150   |   BUY

***Note***  I am not affiliated with the maker of the NES guitar, I just happened to come across it online and wanted to share my NES memories and it with you!
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