Wednesday, June 26, 2013

A Re-Purposeful Geek

A Re-Purposeful Geek- Reducing landfill waste one up-cycle at a time!

Welcome to my crazy blog where I share my Geekery with you.

I will post about all my various creative endeavors as they happen. I am excited to share my knowledge about painting, writing, building furniture and more with you!

All the while I will be reducing, reusing, recycling and repurposing as much as possible to reduce my negative impact on our beautiful planet! Join me in my experimentation which may lead to successes or failures, either way you are right here with me! Right??? Thanks for visiting and I hope you enjoy!
Please remember that this blog is a work in progress and that I am adding new information every day so bear with me as I build on the basics. Check back often or subscribe to be notified of all the great projects and posts.

I have started off posting more information about me, my history and background than about projects, for this I apologize. Once I have the layout and background information figured out I will have more time to get my projects together and write the posts that will be the meat of this blog!

Eventually I will have a stockpile of useful information on a wide variety of subjects including building furniture (plans with step by step instructions) tips and tricks (for crafts, art, building, cleaning), project ideas and/or tutorials for woodworking, home improvement quick spruce ups, kid's projects (even projects that are Little Ninja Jamison Originals), sewing, painting, and so on. Maybe I will share my secrets for how to grow 12' Giant Sunflowers in Washington's schizophrenic weather.

A lot of my posts will have something to do with recycled, repurposed or upcycled items. I love to breathe new life into something that has been deemed "garbage". I see potential all over the place and have tons of ideas for reusing items in new and useful ways!!! I will include in my posts, basically any information that has helped me at some point and therefore may help you in the future!

I will occasionally share some of my lyrical writing with you and if I ever get any of my songs recorded I will pass those along too! I may even randomly toss in some software info, a review or two, maybe even some bookkeeping tips to help you stay within the letter of the tax law and keep that greedy taxman at bay!!!