Wednesday, October 23, 2013

“Binge on Me”

Lyrics By MalibuNinja

~Verse 1~

At times you
Lift me up high
Make me feel aglow
Most times you
Make me feel beneath
You ~ Lower than low
I wish I could
Reflect it back
Feel what I feel
But I refuse
Can’t be that Evil
It’s My Achilles’ heel


You crave me  ***   On impulse

Then shove me   ***   Away ~ Repulsed

Binge on me   ***   Like an addict

Then purge me   ***   In a panic

You're oh so   ***   Lascivious

Relish in your   ***   Wickedness

As to your   ***   Intentions

I am complete-   ***   Ly Oblivious

~Verse 2~

To your will you
Demand submission
Keep the weak close
By your own admission
No question you are
Blindly in control, True
No one but ME Ever
Dares to Challenge You
But still I’m no threat
To your glorious throne

~Repeat Chorus~

~Verse 3~

To be opposing
To my every thought
You have chosen
Plotting to trip me up
Any slight slip up and
I have been caught ~ Any
Way to prove me wrong
You demonstrated
Superiority is your
Biggest Priority

~Repeat Chorus~

~Verse 4~

So full of yourself
Cover your own flaws by
Picking at mine
Putting me down
Like the dirt laying
On the Ground
To be walked upon
Strive to Torture me
Give me the third degree
Must make you
Feel Complete
Or maybe it’s just
A Special Kind of Treat

©2013 Stacy M Price AKA MalibuNinja
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