Monday, September 23, 2013

Memories of Birthdays Past

My buddy Brian's Birthday Reminds Me of Birthdays Past...
So firstly, Happy Birthday Brian!  
I can't believe it,  my buddy Brian's girlfriend dumped him, today of all days, His Birthday!!!  Who does that?  Have you ever viciously broken someone's heart on their birthday?

I called Brian to sing him Happy Birthday and he told me what happened, he was devastated and heartbroken, so in an effort to cheer Brian up I created this image for his birthday...
By The Way...  When She realizes her mistake a...
Brian's birthday nightmare makes me think back to the summer I met Brian.  I was 15 or 16 and we met on Alki Beach in West Seattle (Where I lived at the time) and were immediate friends.  We hung almost continually from that point on and I began to date Brian's friend Carlos.

Left to Right:  Brian, Carlos, Me & Melissa @ The Spaghetti Factory
Carlos actually broke up with me a few days after my birthday that summer.  He had met another Blondie on Alki Beach and decided she was better for him.

Within six months she was pregnant and they were getting married.  Well, apparently Carlos made the right decision because they are still married (must be coming up on their 15th anniversary?) and they have a couple of adorable little boys.

At least Carlos had the decency to wait a couple extra days to end it, as to steer clear of birthday dump-age.  Now that I am thinking about it I am not sure he even actually dumped me..??  I think it was more like I figured out he was seeing the other girl and that was that...

If I remember correctly I had a weird feeling something was going on and had asked Brian about it on my birthday but he deflected the question and changed the subject.  All that is water under the bridge now, it's not like I was head over heels for Carlos.  He was a rebound after someone very special to me left for boot camp!  Carlos was arm candy, fun to look at and great for a distraction but not much more.  Carlos- if you are reading this I hope you don't take offence, but I am sure I didn't mean much to you either!
Seattle just before sunrise across Puget Sound...
Seattle just before sunrise across Puget Sound. Taken from Alki (Harbor Ave)(Photo credit: Wikipedia)


So I tapped into the memories from that birthday (the ones not involving relationships ending), followed the train of thought and randomly wrote out my "every picture is worth a thousand words" in a lengthy rambling FaceBook post which I shall share with you:

Here is another great photo taken September 23rd of that same year!  This photo always cracks me up...  Brian was so excited that I got him a birthday cake that he was dancing around my rooftop deck with it...  Suddenly SPLAT!  The cake took a flying face plant...  But he wasn't the slightest bit phased by it!   Undeterred by dirt or whatever else may have been on the cake, he proceeded to eat it!  He of course was the only one who would, so I call it his face plant cake!  :)

Shortly after that photo was taken, Brian's ship was set to go to war, they had been ordered to Bahrain and I haven't seen Brian (in person) since.  We are back in touch now as we have been several times throughout the years.  He is back home in Missouri (Misery) and doing good despite the horrible now Ex-Girlfriend.  We get to video chat occasionally now and it's been really cool to be able to compare memories from back then and catch up!

Alki Beach, Seattle, Washington (looking south...
Alki Beach is the only beach I've found in Washington that reminds me of San Diego with Volley Ball played on the sand and the boardwalk stretching the length of the beach. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
P.S. You are much better off without her, Brian!!!

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