Monday, August 12, 2013

Johnie Pai & Wiz-Dumb Pai

Johnie is an amazing man; he has patience like no other, is a great listener and gives awesome advice when you need it.

He is the best kind of friend to have; a supportive, honest and trustworthy man. He will always make himself available to lend a hand when someone needs help. He is selfless, compassionate and considerate.  If he was about to eat his only sandwich and realized you needed it more than him; no matter how hungry, he would give it to you and go without.

Johnie would give up anything and everything to improve someone else's quality of life. I have personally witnessed him making so many sacrifices, most without a single complaint, so that others can have what they want or need. Even when his efforts are never acknowledged or appreciated; he still gives and gives, never expecting anything in return.  He will suffer endlessly, if it means that you don't have to.

Not only is Johnie genuinely empathetic but he actually feels the exact emotions that people around him are feeling. He absorbs your undesirable feelings (sadness, pain, anger) and suppresses them.  You are free from that emotional burden while in his presence. Just being around him relieves physical pain as well and stress; I relax when he walks into the house.

Quote of the Day:      “Comedy is tragedy plus time.”  --Carol Burnett

Sometimes I wonder how Johnie has become so insightful, so patient. I know that he has been through a lot in his time on this earth, he has made his share of mistakes and had his share of triumph.  Most importantly, he has learned from his experiences. 

Johnie will freely admit that he isn't perfect and has made plenty of stupid mistakes as everyone does. "Those who have never made any mistakes have never tried anything new" -Albert Einstein.  Those mistakes are behind him, a lesson learned and he never dwells on what could have been different.

He understands people, animals and nature more than anyone I have ever met. He has this innate ability to "read" people but amazingly he never passes judgment. Within 5 minutes of meeting someone he has a good idea of what they are about and where they are going in life. It doesn't matter if you are the president or a homeless person he will always treat you with respect and kindness and won't pass judgement.

He sees every person is a unique individual, understands that just because they may have chosen a different path in life than most that it doesn't make them good or bad, wrong or right.  Everyone is on their own crazy journey and who are we to judge one another when many of us have been in situations we weren't proud of.

Most times Johnie knows that something is bothering me just by hearing my voice, I don't have to say it.  He sees right through me, even when I am not myself.  Johnie knows what to say to lift my spirits and put me back on track when my train has derailed.

Johnie's intuition is so accurate it is scary. I cannot count how many times he has said something like "I have a feeling…” followed by his “prediction”. I always argue with him and I always have to eat my words. Never has he been wrong. See, if he is unsure of something he won’t say anything at all. So when Johnie does say something it’s because he knows it to be fact, so you better listen.

His outlook on life is so bright. Johnie is a dreamer, head in the clouds but somehow still has one foot firmly planted in reality. Johnie knows that dreams can come true, if you believe in yourself and take the time to follow the path that leads to achieving them. His Philosophies are simple but profound and they have had a positive effect on many lives already.

For months, I have been trying to convince Johnie to allow me to share his thoughts online with people who might benefit from them. Of course, he is very humble and thinks that his musings are not worth sharing.  He says "someone has thought the same things before, it's not like I am the first". 

I enjoy reading his "Johnie-isms" and I tell him that many others on Facebook do as well. So why not blog it up? It couldn't hurt. Finally, he agreed and here we are!

I will feature Johnie's Wiz-Dumb right here on Malibu Ninja Über Geek. Eventually I will have a separate “Wiz-Dumb Pai” blog up and running, which will be specifically dedicated to sharing Johnie’s Wiz-Dumb! I hope you enjoy his philosophies and musings as much as I do!