Friday, August 16, 2013

Cool Cab Logo (Font Options) Graphic Design

I am a total amature @ Graphic Design. Mediocre is probably the best way to describe what little graphic design work i have done.  I have created a few different logo designs over the years, a couple of logos for vacation homes I managed, one for a non-profit group I co-founded that helped people conquer their addictions and the logo for my own business..

Mostly I have designed logos for consulting clients as a kind of thrown in service., a good excuse for me to exercise my artist muscle.  I love fonts so designing logos is fun because I get to play with a variety of cool fonts.  Also logos were a good excuse to learn the basics of Photoshop.

The Logo I designed for my Business
Price of Pai Services
Now I am working on a logo for Johnie Pai's upcoming business venture, a taxi service, called Cool Cab!

The Cool Cab Logo is a smiley face one eye is a yin yang symbol representing balance.  The other eye is a peace symbol representing, you guessed it - Peace!  There is no nose cause it doesn't smell!  The mouth is a smile for happiness and the tongue is the shape of a heart to represent love.

Happiness, Peace, Balance and Love are the founding principals of Cool Cab where you will have a chill ride in a cool cab, the fare will be low, the driver will be friendly and you will arrive at your destination with a smile!

This animated graphic randomly showed up one day in my online albums on Google+.  Apparently with Google's online photo storage changing from Picasa to Google+ Photos they are adding cool new features including one that automatically transforms photos taken in a series into animated graphic or a photo collage.
English: Google Plus logo
Google Plus logo (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I had created all the various graphics that are included in the above automation so that Johnie and I could choose the font that we wanted to use for the logo.  When the auto animation showed up I was super excited.  I love it!

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